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We provide you with the following three categories of products, which were used in different fields, I hope our products can help you meet your needs.
Molecular sieve products
are widely used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, insulating glass, refrigeration and other industries. Products by molecular screening methods to provide you with the necessary molecular components to meet your needs; in which some of the products can be directly in your response as a catalyst to help you achieve your aspirations; or it can serve as a catalyst carrier, after you re - processed into a different catalytic catalyst.
Aluminum products
include alumina, activated alumina and aluminum hydroxide, and water and other products to be thin, alumina used in plastics, rubber, electrical and electronic industry as a flame retardant filler, ceramic dewaxing, Stripping, building materials, ceramics, printing ink pigment made paper filler, light-emitting materials, nano-alumina powder is used on the three-color phosphor, Long-lasting phosphor, precious stones, high-pressure sodium lamp pipe, glass additives, electronic ceramics, catalyst carrier, etc.. Activated Alumina is widely used in petroleum chemical industry, textile industry, industrial oxygen gas, liquid drying and automated meter wind drying, air separation industry, pressure swing adsorption, removal of water, acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and other impurities Tetrabromoethane special Removal of hydrocarbon absorbent materials in the metal ion impurities, metal organic compounds, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide and other gases adsorption decolorization of organic liquid for drinking water purification plant fluorine, or other such as in the defluorination. Aluminum hydroxide flame retardant is an inorganic environment. Can not only flame-retardant, but also to prevent the smoke, do not produce dripping and toxic gases. Applicable to thermosetting plastic, thermoplastic plastics, synthetic rubber, paints, glass, steel, resin, electronics, ceramics, glass products and so on, is the artificial agate products, better packing. Pseudoboehmite used as catalyst, catalyst carrier, adsorbent, and binder materials. Such as the silver catalyst, toluene disproportionation catalyst carrier, dewaxing catalyst, hydrogenation refining, transalkylation catalyst, descending condensate, automobile exhaust purification catalyst such as catalyst carrier, also used for coating the surface of catalyst carrier, flocking industries.
Chitosan series of products
are very broad used in the biomedical and pharmaceutical applications, etc. , It can be used as artificial kidney dialysis membrane and contact lenses, anti-clotting agent burns dressing and wound-healing agent, can inhibit gastric acid and ulcers, with degradation of cholesterol and 3 glyceride.The role of glycerides can be used as a bio-degradable type of polymer membrane material, is excellent and very promising system for medical release. In addition, chitosan can be used in the industrial and agricultural production of bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, plant growth regulators, soil conditioner, agricultural preservation preservatives, feed additives and paper, paintings, photographic materials, waste water treatment agent, food additives, preservatives. At the same time the field of health food drinks, functional foods (health foods) accomplish something. And can be applied to make shampoo, detergents, skin care products and so on.
Molecular sieve   3A Molecular Sieve
  4A Molecular sieve
  5A Molecular sieve
  10X Molecular sieve
  13X Molecular Sieve
  13X ACS Molecular Sieve
  5A Small Oxygen Enrichment Molecular Sieve
  Carbon Molecular Sieve
  Actived Alumina Desiccant
  Deoxygenating Agent
  Insulating Glass Desiccant
  Activated Molecular Sieve Powder
  Refrigerant Desiccant
Akumina Actived Alumia
Aluminum Hydroxide

Pseudoboehmite (special)

Chitosan   Chitin
  Hyaluronic Acid Chitosan
  Chitosan hydrochloride
  Chitosan lactate
  Chitosan Oligosaccharide
  Carboxymethyl Chitosan

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